Limbs images

early limbs group shot in 2nd

Limbs – 1979 – left to right – Adrian Batchelor, Chris Jannides, Mary-Jane O’Reilly, Kilda Northcott, Lynda Amos


– performing on the children’s stage at the Nambassa Music Festival – 1978 – left to right – Julie Dunningham, Chris Jannides, Mary-Jane O’Reilly, Deborah McCulloch, Kilda Northcott, Adrian Batchelor

C. Limbs dance prog.284

1979 – back row: left to right – Adrian Batchelor, Chris Jannides, Shona Wilson, Mary-Jane O’Reilly – front row: left to right – Deborah McCulloch, Linda Amos, Kilda Northcott

chris limbs reptile chris limbs with mary-jane & kildaC. 1978 Limbs Palmerston249

Flying down the mainstreet of Palmerston North publicising ourselves and rounding up an audience – left to right – Mark Baldwin, Chris Jannides, Deborah McCulloch

Here are some more from the same series:

limbs in palmerston north-2palmerston north-1  palmerston north-3 palmerston north-4

images below – top to bottom – Debbie McCulloch & Kilda Northcott / Julie Dunningham, Chris Jannides, Mary-Jane O’Reilly / Julie Dunningham with Kilda at the back

kilda&debbiejulie chris mary-janejulie

below – Kilda Northcott & Mark Baldwin


chris & adrian copy

Chris Jannides & Adrian Batchelor – along with Mark Baldwin, we were the only male contemporary dancers in Auckland in the late 1970s – we all started as adults – there was a shortage of our species

how does a fledgling dance company survive? – as our popularity grew the company earned money not only through public performances and teaching but also through fashion shows, tv commercials and, in the instance below, as hair models – left to right back row – Mary-Jane O’Reilly, Shona Wilson, Debbie McCulloch – front row – Kilda Northcott, Lynda Amos

limbs women & hair

we did a number of very cheesy publicity shots – the following might be one of the worst (what were we thinking!)

limbs cheesy publicity shot

here is another cheesy photo that was taken after we performed for politicians at Parliament with us posing with the then Arts Minister – we all have one look in our eyes – ‘please give us some money’ –  the original has degraded over time so excuse the poor quality

parliament shot


Chris Jannides & Debbie McCulloch
Mark Baldwin & Debbie McCulloch

square dance
Chris Jannides & Mark Baldwin in Mark’s first choreography Square Dance

One thing we got good at was posing and smiling!!!

limbs hands-on-hips group shot smiling limbslimbs everyoneleft to right – 1978 – Julie Dunningham, Mark Baldwin, Debbie McCulloch, Mary-Jane O’Reilly, Adrian Batchelor, Chris Jannides, Kilda Northcott


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