Limbs who’s who

In the years 1977-1980, the following were key people who were either in Limbs or associated with it, some for the whole of that time and others for part of it.

Lynda Amos   [dancer]

Mark Baldwin   [dancer choreographer]

Adrian Batchelor   [dancer choreographer]

Julie Dunningham   [dancer ]

Chris Jannides   [Founder / Co-Artistic Director / principle choreographer]

Debbie McCulloch   [dancer ]

Kilda Northcott  [dancer choreographer]

Mary-Jane O’Reilly  [Co-Artistic Director / principle choreographer]

Shona Wilson   [dancer ]


Sarah Hancock   [General Manager – 1978]

Sue Paterson   [General Manager – 1979 onwards]
sue paterson


Dorothea Ashbridge   [Ballet Mistress]

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