spatio-anatomical diagramme of the bodymAPP

left hand column = internal/subjective focus (kinaesthetic emphasis)

right hand column = external/objective focus (environment influence)

inner 5 rings = interior of the body up to and including the skin

next 3 rings = external space extending to perceptual/’world’ horizon

yellow rings = permeate the whole system

the ‘world’ horizon is viewed as the periphery of a person’s perceptual terrain – conceptually, this is a second skin existing outside our actual skin – the two (the boundary of human skin and the boundary of perceptual reach) being co-extensions of each other

architectural theorists, Madeline Gins and Arakawa*, call this co-extensive divide between person and world a ‘bioscleave’ – this notion is indicated by the vertical line in the diagramme above

*(Gins, M. & Arakawa. (2002). Architectural Body. Tuscaloosa and London: The University of Alabama Press.)


bodymAPP diagramme

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