The bodymAPP is a system that encompasses three domains: spacetime and movement. Each of these areas contain a number of distinct principles that collectively map a kinetic landscape. These principles summarise and are derived from a close analysis of everyday human movement. As such, it makes them socio-kinetic.

The purpose and function of the bodymAPP is to provide practitioners in the performing arts with an embracive and comprehensive range of movement principles that are easily accessible and available for artistic and improvisation usages. Essentially, it is a movement improvisation tool.

The uniqueness of the system is that it is embodied. Key principles are mapped into, onto and around the human body. This acts, firstly, as a mnemonic device, it being easier to remember a thought, idea or concept if it is attached to or associated with a part of our anatomy and physiology. Secondly, the bodymAPP is immersive. The practitioner resides in the centre of a movement palette arranged like a spatio-anatomical keyboard made up of a network of kinetic concepts and principles.

Structurally, the bodymAPP contains:

  • 4 spatial principles
  • 7 temporal principles
  • 11 kinetic principles

Basically, without going into detail, the spatial principles are:

  • S PA C E  =  degrees of intimacy  close/far
  • L E V E L S  =  degrees of status/power  high/low
  • A N G L E S  =  degrees of interest  facing towards/away
  • O P E N / C L O S E  =  degrees of inclusion/exclusion  hot/cold zones

The temporal principles are:

  • F L O W
  • P U L S E
  • G R A D I E N T
  • A C C E N T  /  C L I M A X
  • S U S P E N S I O N
  • C Y C L E  /  R E P E T I T I O N  (‘motif’ can go in here)
  • R E A L  /  ‘P E R F O R M E D’  (manipulated)

The kinetic principles, using the formal names I’ve given them, are:

  • positional-primacy
  • ratios-of-control
  • space-against
  • sanctified-touch
  • cut-slice
  • avoid-detour
  • common-ground
  • make-space
  • balance-order
  • cross-flux
  • same-not-same

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